About US

COSMONATURE has developed a home esthetics skincare system based on data and our know-hows,
and also functional cosmetics for different skin types.
Now we run a customer skincare center that helps you find naturally beautiful and healthy skin.


We focus on creating healthy cosmetics for you

What products we use on our skin could affect
our skin within 10 or 20 years from now.

Do you still choose cosmetics based on product appearance?

We will try our best for our customers who have trusted and
supported us for these past 30 years with MIELCOS products that are made with healthy ingredients.

Developed bioactive compounds from natural ingredients

We extract effective substances through nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and mass spectrometry from separating the effective substances, using the physiochemical properties of polarity, irregularity, molecular weight, solubility, and others, between substances contained in natural ingredients after performing repetitive activity-guided fractionation.
Research Fields: Skin whitening, Hair growth, Wrinkle improvement, Anti-bacterial, Antiseptics, Anti-inflammatory, Diabetes, Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

Developed Bioactive compounds from natural ingredients

We make extracts of high concentrations of bioactive compounds by selectively extracting them using pretreatments repeating steaming and drying nine times, and ultrasonic/supercritical extraction.

Developed functional raw materials and nano-inclusion body

We are developing an inclusion body using nano-technology for bioactive compounds with excellent efficacy but having issues like instability and skin weakening when applied to finished products.

Developed functional ingredients with enzymes

We provide functional bioactive compounds by carrying out bio-conversion on natural ingredients using a variety of enzymes.

Developed new material using correlation analysis method on the structure/activations of bioactive compounds