COSMONATURE always manufactures healthy cosmetics.
MIELCOS is created based on Cosmonature's 30 years of experience.

What products we use on our skin could affect our skin within 10 or 20 years from now.
COSMONATURE only produces the best products with natural ingredients to promote healthy skin
from the inside to the surface.

COSMONATURE promises to keep three principles:

We will try our best for our customers who have trusted and supported us for these past 30 years with MIELCOS products that are made with healthy ingredients.

Mielcos’s Product

  • Snow White

    This dual functional product contains Snow flower ㅡover 100 times more effective for skin whitening than arbutinㅡ is made with 42 secret herbal complex's which brightens dull skin and prevents wrinkles.

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  • ECO Purifying

    This product is effective for troubles skin, made with natural ingredients “Calming 8 Complex”, which helps effectively calm the skin from the harmful environment, and contains trehalose, panthenol, and honey ingredients, which moisturizes and protects the skin from acne, allergies, etc.

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  • Eyetox Mink Filler

    A rich texture with carefully selected mink oil fills the spaces between the wrinkles around the eyes and penetrates the skin layers to soften tired skin over time.

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  • Special Program

    The collagen, ceramide, and other ingredients help the product brighten the skin like the sun shining down on dark dull skin. It also helps reduce wrinkles, prevent dehydration, providing nutrition and moisture effectively, and helping keep skin elasticated and clean.

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